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These were Ayre Acoustics former flagship amplifiers before the release of the MX-R Twenty. Simple and elegant in design, the sonic quality of these amps are just breathtaking. It had the darkest of backgrounds found in any amps at any price point and had that deep penetrating transparency that will just reveal the layers of music coming out from your source unit. Paired with the matching KX-R reference preamp (also their flagship model) and you would be listening to one of the finest pairing you can own for under $40,000. Built quality is nothing short of first class with each amp literally “carved” out from a block of aluminum. See our other listing for the matching KX-R preamp. Power output is a robust 300W per channel at 8 ohms and 600W at 4 ohms.

Cosmetically, the amps are in very good shape. Some minor scuff marks here and there and some portions of the logo on the front of the amp has peeled off (you can get new stickers from Ayre). We will securely pack the amps for safe shipping. Manual is available online.