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This is a tough item to write on – should we promote this as a top notch CD transport or DVD transport? In either formats, the Ayre was so good at it, it can’t be promoted any less than a top notch two in one player. As a DVD player, it ranks out there as amongst the best in video playback. Pictures were excellent and was only limited by the content quality of a DVD disc. Put in one of the newer DVD movies and you would be captivated by its dazzling colors and imaging. But what we really like the unit for is its audio playback. Paired with a good DAC (like the Cambridge Audio DacMagic or any other good DAC) and you have a high resolution audio playback combo.

Unit is very well made with an outboard power supply that has a long umbilical cord so that you can place it further away from the main unit to reduce electrical interference. Cosmetically, there are some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Transport was recently replaced by Ayre so the unit is good to go for many more years. Previous owner decided to move into Bluray so had to give this up due to his rack constraint. We have the original box and remote.