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From one of the leading brands in Denmark, comes this elegant Signature 7 MKII floorstanders. Its finished in the beautiful birdseye maple and sounds just as gorgeous when you listen to them. It has a very rich mid-range and a surprisingly tight and punchy bottom end. Highs were sharp and detailed adding to the well laid out presentation. Dynaudio and Totem are the two brands that comes to our mind in terms of sonic similarities. So if you are there looking at these two brands, than you ought to do yourself a favor and add this to the list. Physically, they are nicely proportioned (38″ x 8″ x 14″) to fit into small to medium size rooms where they will fill the front with a holographic soundstage. Vocals, jazz and light rock was thoroughly enjoyable through these speakers. Speakers look very similar to Totem’s Forest but has a wider soundstage and more depth in the bass. Nominal impedance is 7 ohms with a sensitivity of 89dB. Frequency response is 43Hz to 20KHz and recommended power is 50-300W.

The speakers had only one previous owner since new. Very lightly used and not even broken in yet. Has maybe 100-150 hours of demo. Original box and manual included. The speakers are shipped in two boxes.