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Avance Audio is one of the best selling speaker brands in Europe and Asia. Made in Denmark, they share many similar traits with brands like Dynauadio and Monitor Audio. Using quality drivers (Scanspeak), very well designed crossovers, sturdy built cabinets and reasonable MSRP, they were the alternative choice for many audiophiles all over the World in search of a good sounding speaker that was also well made.

The Epsilon 960 floorstanding speakers are mid-size floorstanders. For the price of $1900 it was just ridiculously good value. Mid-range was particularly worthy of mentioning. It’s rich and textured sound gave a presentation that had good depth and scale. The highs were sharp and not overly bright or dry and the bass was very sufficient when placed 2-3 feet off the rear wall. By moving them closer to the rear wall, bass volume was increased somewhat but became a bit loose and boomy. It played well with all kinds of music but heavy rock may sound a bit too muddled and confused as it tries to tackle the busy soundtrack. Vocals, jazz and light orchestra music was simply beautiful. Imaging was 3D like and in a medium or small sized room, made the listening session a very intimate affair.

This pair you see here was formerly a store demo pair. The overall condition of the speakers are very good. No dings or dents and only very minor scuff marks are found here and there. The grille covers have two patches of wear – one in the corner of one grille cover and another by the side of the other grille cover. They are easy fix with a new grille cloth. The pegs on the grille covers seems to be a bit “worn” too as they don’t fit in snugly on the speakers. This is a common issue with store demo speakers as customers wants to listen to the speakers with grilles on and then grilles off. But they stay on once you fit them on the speakers. We don’t have the original boxes but will securely pack them for safe shipping.