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This was and still is, one of the best sounding speakers for under $25,000. Massively overbuilt, these speakers are big and heavy (about 180lbs each). Even its external crossover (the two black pillars you see in the picture) weighs more than 50lbs each. They are three way speakers and can be bi-amp/bi-wired or tri-amped/tri-wired. At its current setup, there are jumper cables on the crossover network for bi-amping/bi-wiring. The crossover unit is then connected to the main speakers via jumper cables (3 pairs per speaker) for true tri-wire setup.

Feed the speakers with reference level components and you will be blown away by its realism, depth and soundstaging. Bass was tight and fast and the mid-range was more definition rather than overly warm. Highs were precise and smooth without sounding too overly bright and dry. Positioning them is critical because when they are positioned properly, their bulk disappears into the imaging. This is not always and easy trick to do with big speakers but the Avalons did it wonderfully. Each speaker has one 1″ Titanium dome tweeter, oneĀ  2″ aluminum-magnesium dome midrange and one 11″ Nomex/Kevlar composite cone woofer. Sensitivity is 87dB with a nominal impedance of 6 ohms. Frequency Response is an impressive. The manufacturer recommends a minimum of 50W to drive them but we ran them with 200W which seems to be the sweet spot that really gets them singing. Speakers are 45″ tall, 13″ wide and 18″ deep.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in fair shape. There is a “sun tanned” area on the back from the crossover unit sitting behind it and thus casting that dark shade on the back panel and from the grille cover that never left the front of the speaker. There are some scratches here and there with some small chips on the edges which can be easily patched up (the low asking price is reflective of this).

Due to the weight, size and number of pieces (four pieces in total), the speakers will have to be shipped strapped on to a pallet. Pickup is preferred but if we have to ship, it will go freight. We don’t have the original crates.