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Under Audioquest’s mid-range cables, the Colorado is second from the top. The Niagara which tops the range, differentiates itself from the Colorado by using silver conductors instead of copper as found in the Colorado. Other than that, pretty much everything else between the cables are similar. So if you don’t want the hint of brightness from silver based cables, then the Colorado might be the balance you need in your system. Of course the other big difference is the MSRP between the two. a 2m Niagara is listed for $2,800 which is more than double the price of the Colorado. That’s a big price difference for what is ultimately, a difference in the way music is delivered in your system.

Cables look good cosmetically with some wear on the 72V DBS battery pack. Otherwise, the cables look fine and works perfectly. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them for safe shipping.