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Under Audioquest’s Double Counter-Spiral Series of speaker cables, the Redwood is the third from the top which the infamous WEL Signature sits right the top with a MSRP of $24,000. The Redwood may not match the prowess of the WEL Signature but comes close to the next in line model, the Wild Wood (a 7ft pair Wild Wood sells for $14,900) but at a much lower price point. It does sacrifice some full bodied sound that the Wild Wood offers but comparing with other sub-$3,000 speaker cables, the Redwood is miles away from its competition. Resolution, detail and dynamics are on par with many other reference standard speaker cables.

Cosmetically, the cable is in great shape. We just replaced the 72V DBS battery pack with a new set because the original set had a loose battery cover. Original box and packaging included.