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The Obsidian was a pair of $20,000 speaker cables that was part of Audioquest’s reference lineup. At this price range and level, you would be right in expecting something spectacular and the Obsidian delivers. The cable’s conductors are pure silver, it uses their patented Dielectric-Bias System and premium insulation and termination materials are generously used throughout the cable. The pair you see here is bi-wired and in our system, brought a crystal clear sound through our speakers. The highs and upper mids were particularly detailed and the bass fast and dynamic. Its sharpness was not accompanied with harshness which was great as some brands can’t seem to shake the harshness with sharp details. But with the Obsidian, you get a smooth, natural dimensional sound. What makes them even better now is you don’t even need to spend anywhere close to its $20,000 MSRP to enjoy them in your system.

Cables look really good with the usual scuff marks common with use but nothing major. They will be securely packed for safe shipping.