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This was one of the integrated amps that was part of the “British Invasion” on mid-fi integrated amps. Together with brands like Mission Cyrus, Creek, Onix, Linn etc it left an indelible mark in the hifi industry with its many awards, positive reviews and more importantly, a final resting place in many audiophile’s homes.

The Audiolab may be rated at 60W per channel but back in the nineties or even now, it was more than adequate for most application unless you have really large or current hungry speakers in which case, this would be the wrong amp to use anyway. But when use as intended and designed, that is with an efficient, easy to drive speaker and in a small to medium size room, the Audiolab is a one box wonder. For its very reasonable $900 MSRP, the Audiolab has a very revealing nature that is attenuated with a nice smooth warm mid-range and highs. The bass may not be as deep sounding as that of Mission Cyrus One but it has better transparency. It has a wide array of inputs which includes a phono stage that is selectable between MM and MC cartridges. The tone controls are not overly intrusive and does aid in “enhancing” the sound relative to the speakers it is driving and the acoustic nature of the room. Built quality is sturdy enough and controls are straightforward with a main emphasis on sound quality.

Cosmetically, there are some scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. This is a US imported version which runs on 120V and not like the many you see elsewhere which are 230V and ships out from the UK.