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This is a set of Amplifier Serum from Audio Vaccine. There are three versions of it – Speaker Serum, Amplifier Serum (Rhodium) and Amplifier Serum (Gold). The Speaker Serum is pretty similar to Bybee’s Speaker bullets where they are attached to the ends of the speaker terminals. The Amplifier Serum on the other hand attaches to the speaker binding posts ON the amplifier. This is a set of four that were attached to the amplifier driving the left and right speakers. Previous owner traded them in for the Bybee Speaker Bullets which cost $5,500 for a set of four. The listing here and price is for a set of four. See our other listing for the Speaker Serum set.

Similar to the Bybees, the Amplifier Serum altered the music somewhat. There was a slight increase in spatial quality with better definition and tonal balance. It is not an alternative to the Bybee Speaker Bullets but for the money, its an affordable tweak you can introduce to your system. To install them, they go straight into the speaker binding post of your amplifier. Each Amplifier Serum is marked “+” and “-” so follow accordingly. (you can find some setup pictures on TweekGeek). Your speaker wire, with spades (or if bananas are currently on them, you would need a banana/spade adapter), would go into the same speaker binding post. From there, you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the music. The set you see here are the Gold version which are designed for solid state amplifiers.

Cosmetically, the set is in great shape. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.