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The simply called “PREAMP” is a preamp from Trinity Electronic Design’s Reference Line. They only offer two models at the moment, this and the more expensive Golden Reference Edition Preamp which has 24K gold plating and rubies on its front faceplate (at this level, you would expect nothing less…). Anyway, the PREAMP is one of those preamps where it exist very lonely at the top of its game. The top level preamps are a very special breed. They almost never exhibit any kind of sonic signature or add or take away anything from the music. This would mean you need to have a top class source unit, amps, speakers and cables to completely vault in this top tier sound in your system. And this is what the PREAMP does. Its transparency, ruthlessly clean and revealing sound is like adding a breadth of fresh air through your system (in our system at least). The dual mono design isolates each channel from cross talk and without any kind of rotary volume control, each level adjustment is finely executed with precision. The eight buttons on the front literally take minimalism to a whole new level. This preamp was previously paired with a pair of 200W Class A MSB M203 monoblocks ($28,000 MSRP) and Avantgarde speakers. Preamp will work anywhere in the World with its 100-240V input.

Cosmetically, the preamp is in excellent shape. Some very minor scuff marks here and there common with use but nothing major. Remote control is a rechargeable unit via USB cable and we have the original flight case for it. Also included are various ball bearings that you could try under each footer to “tune” the sound.