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The REF250 monoblocks are a pair of stunning amps. We initially regarded the REF210 as one of the best sounding tube monoblocks but upon listening to the REF250, we had to concede that the REF210 has been usurped by the REF250. The REF250 pair you see here were re-tubed to KT150s which drew in new fans from the KT120 camp. With the KT150s, the amps now sounded bolder, a tinge more forward in dynamics and had a slightly richer texture over the KT120s. These are World Class amps and a real bargain now when compared to Audio Research’s newer and more expensive GS series. Tubes have just under 1,000 hours of use base on previous owner’s records so tubes still have approx 1,000 hours of life left. But like all used tubes, we always recommend having a fresh set on standby so there is no interruption to your listening pleasure. Power output meter on the front of each amp is not as “fancy” as those on McIntoh’s amps but they look just as cool with its industrial setting.

The amps are in very nice condition. One previous owner from new who has taken excellent care of them. We have the original boxes, manual and 20amp AC cords.