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When you are looking for high powered tube amps, there are only so many that are worthy contenders. In the $20,000 – $25,000 range, there is the McIntsoh MC2301 or the Audio Research Reference 210. Both equally good amps and both equally big and expensive. At just under half its original MSRP, the Reference 210 is a bargain if you rated it from its original MSRP. Its affordability is probably beyond the reach of most of us but then again, its sound is beyond anything most of us have ever listen to. It has a very smooth effortless sound that just allows the music to flow through your system. There is no harshness or any kind of inability to drive any speakers. They are truly reference standard and if you are in the market with about $10,000 to spend, these would bring some magic to your system. A top rated preamp is mandatory to bring out the best of them.

Both amps are very well cared for. Tube life is just slightly under 50% now. There will be some slight increase as the amps gets some demo usage. Original boxes and manual included.