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The LS-2 MKII may be a hybrid preamp that uses a single 6922 tube but its execution was simple – create the best line stage only preamp within a reasonable price point. So at first glance, the preamp does look like a no-frills unit. No fanfare, no remote  control, simple two knob and four toggle switches are all you will see on the face plate. But when it is installed in your system and the single 6922  (or 6DJ8/ECC88 tube can also be used) is fully warmed up, you will appreciate its design simplicity. Music flows beautifully through it with a nice warmth to its tone and a quickness that stem from its hybrid solid state design. If value was the main measure here, the LS-3B that we sold earlier would have won but if you like the quickness and immediacy of the LS-3B but wanted a slightly warmer sound, then the LS-2MKII would do the trick. Its a nicely balanced preamp and its two balanced outputs makes bi-amping a breeze. So for under $1200 here, you are getting one of the best bargains available. Although this unit is remote controlled enabled (see sticker on back panel), previous owner did not purchase the optional remote. But you can get them from Audio Research.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks good. Some minor scuff marks and a small “ding” on the rear edge of the left corner faceplate. Its on the backside of the left edge so it is not visible from the front and its very small. Preamp will be securely packed for safe shipping.