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The LS-2 is a product that many manufacturers wish it was theirs. It has a very loyal following with some owners declaring this as the last preamp they will ever own or have owned it for more than ten years. Whatever it is, this is truly a preamp for the ages. Very well designed (albeit hybrid) and more importantly, fabulous sounding. It may not have “modern” features like remote control but by keeping it simple and the ability to tube roll, the LS-2 was able to project a holographic soundstage, produce smooth responses across the frequency and provide an intimate listening environment that you (at least we did) just want to keep spinning disc after disc and just soak in the music. Other than trying different tubes (6922) with it, try different interconnect cables with it too. It all makes a difference, so spare a little patience and have lots of fun mixing and matching it with your source unit and power amp. At under $800 now, this is a steal of a preamp!

Cosmetically, the unit is in fair shape for its age. Some scuff marks and tiny knicks along the edges and some sharpie touchup but nothing major. Preamp will be securely pack for safe shipping. Manual is available online.