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The HD220 is the best of both World’s if you want a tube-like sound but with the power solid state. Being a hybrid design, it uses two 6922 and two 6H30 tubes in the input stage with a solid state output stage that produces 220W in 8 ohm and 380W in 4 ohm. If an all tube setup is what you want, than look at Audio Research’s Reference 110 which is housed in a similar sized chassis but runs in an all tube setup with 110W in its output. In our opinion, there is no trade off in the HD220. It may be just slightly less rich in the mids but you would have to listen real hard to notice it. But it does sound cleaner, slightly more neutral and darker than compared to its all tube cousin, the Reference 110. If power is your main criteria, hands down the HD220 is the champ here. Loads and loads of power with a deep reserve to tackle any speakers. And you don’t have to worry with expensive power tube replacements every other year! So for the tube purist, you may want to pass this but if don’t mind a compromise, the hybrid design of the HD220 should bring a smile when listening to your favorite music. Previous owner had it re-capped and serviced in 2017 so it will be good to go for many more years to come.

Cosmetically, there are minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We have the original box and will securely pack this for safe shipping.