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The DAC7 is quite a remarkable DAC. It had a Burr Brown chip that was 24/192 capable set in a fully balanced design. With its USB input, it was also a “reference” DAC for the PC and MAC users to link their hard drive based music to the hifi system. Add its wide ranging assortment of digital inputs, remote controllable flexibility, a well built unit and a very reasonable $3500 MSRP and this was a winner from the start.

Musically, this was a truly enjoyable DAC. In a hifi rig, with a good CD transport, the DAC7 offered one of the most natural sounding reproduction of CDs this side of $5,000. Via its USB input, MP3 based music took on a less harsh sounding tempo and was “softer” and more organic. There are cheaper USB DACs out there but the DAC7 is the one that puts MP3 on to a level closer to “hifi”. Compared to PS Audio’s PerfectWave DAC, the DAC7 had a less “glassy” sound and had a smoother composure. It might not offer a higher level of detail like some other DACs that cost more than $5,000 but for the money, this was an easy choice and you can park the savings towards better quality digital or USB cables to maximize the full potential of the DAC.

Cosmetically, this unit is in very good condition. Original box, manual and remote included.