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The CD3 was a fabulously good CD player. Anyone who has had the chance to listen to one would agree how musical and natural it sounds. It won lots of positive feedbacks from around the World so when Audio Research released the CD3 MKII some years back, it had big shoes to fill in. The CD3 MKII not only filled it but set a new benchmark for all CD players from Audio Research to better on.

This is a factory original MKII CD player. It recently went back for a complete overhaul. Brand new CD mechanism installed, new capacitors replaced, brand new remote and brand new Audio Research box. Total cost? $1700. Still has the same naturalness to the sound that we so fondly love. Clean, clear details are evident with all kinds of music. At this sonic level, the $5,500 MSRP is a steal. Players that cost two or three times as much don’t even sound that far apart from the CD3 MKII which just points to the high value offered by Audio Research. To put it short and sweet, this is a well made machine that is designed for one single purpose – produce great music regardless what is out there.

Cosmetically, the player is in great shape. Just some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major.