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Audio Research’s 100.2 is not the most powerful stereo amp in their lineup but when you factor in its MSRP, sonic attributes and build quality, it easily comes up to the top as one of the best Audio Research amps for the money. So what we have here is a well engineered amp, priced very reasonably and has an explosive sound quality. Audio Research’s mid-range transparency is clearly evident here when you have the amp driving your speakers. Very tube-like sounding and yet possessing the quickness of solid state power delivery.

The amp has a unique protection circuitry that offers unparalleled speaker protection when DC voltage is detected at either the input or output stage. A very valuable feature for accidental fatal mistakes. The previous owner made some touch-ups on certain areas on the top cover but amp still looks very good overall. We don’t have the original box for it but will have it securely packed for safe shipping.