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This was a subwoofer designed for music. Back in the day when this came out, it was wildly popular with audiophiles who wanted a bit more bottom end added to their monitor speakers. They were commonly found paired with speaker brands like Celestion, Rogers, KEF, amongst many others. With its own 100W amp inside, the B2-40 subwoofer can add some dramatic bass (drops to 40 Hz) if your speakers are a bit lacking in that department. Not room shaking but more than sufficient to add that lower dimension to your music presentation. Subwoofer is connected via a 5-pin DIN cable with female RCA plugs on the ends. You just need to connect your interconnect cables to the red and white female RCA plugs and adjust the crossover frequency and volume level.

Cosmetically, the subwoofer looks good for its age. Some scuff marks, corner and side dings but still looks good overall. Local pickup from our store preferred.