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The Meridian 586.2 DVD/CD player was part of the very successful 500 series lineup that earned itself Worldwide accolades. Being a DVD and CD player combo, it was the best of both worlds when the audiophile faced the dilemma of installing a video player into his audio system. With the 586.2, it offered what would have been the perfect setup. The Meridian sound of a CD player and a top notch DVD player that basically pushed the boundary of video playback. Pictures were crisp and clear and was considerably better than most DVD players that was in the market then. As this was no run of the mill DVD and CD player, it was pitched towards the higher end of the market which translated to a hefty $3,500 price tag. Affordability was not a vocabulary you would use on the 586.2. So for just slightly more than a tenth of its original MSRP here, you are going to receive a reference playback player for cheap. The remote is a Toshiba remote that works and performs all the basic function on the player (previous owner had misplaced the original remote after a house move).

This player always sell for way above $600 so don’t miss this opportunity to get one for under that!