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This is a preamp that literally sounds like “nothing” (well, almost). In our system, its like a conduit that just passes the signals from our source unit to the amps and out to the speakers. So the Pre2 SE really exposes the strengths and weakness of your system up and down the chain. The last time we heard something that is quite close to the EMM Labs was Ayre’s KX-R flagship preamp. Both share the same quiet, clean transparency, black background and a very smooth presentation with the Pre2 SE edging out slightly on the warmer side. Both are filled to the brim with state of the art technology and it shows through the sound it projects. Built quality is first class and would easily hold its place in a top class hifi system. Don’t let the $15,000 price tag fool you, it will easily compete with any preamps out there that cost twice as much.

Cosmetically, the Pre2 SE is in great shape. We have the original remote and box for it and will securely pack it for safe shipping.