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The Attessa CD transport was a design that was unlike any CD transport of its time and even the present. If you were none the wiser, you would have thought that this was a spaceship model from the TV show Battlestar Galactica. Enjoying some of the trickle down technology from its reference ROK DP-1 which it replaced, it carried the flagship status for Roksan over the coming years. The ROK DP-1 was in itself a market stunner when it first appeared and has now earned itself a collector’s item status. The Attessa, like the ROK DP-1 was also a 3-piece digital playback system that comprised of the transport, DAC and power supply. If you can find a complete 3-piece set, you have to be one of the lucky few. The Attessa can be partnered with any DAC out there with very satisfying result. We have the original box, remote and the very critical transport locking screws.

For $1200, this is a CD transport that is worth every penny as a collector piece and the excellent digital output is just a bonus.