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Extremely rare CD transport from Krell that draws its cues from the likes of turntables. The CD lens mechanism is unlike many other designs. This is a truly well engineered piece with an almost all steel construction that is built around the CD lens. With the puck securing the CD, the huge acrylic cover is the final seal over the whole mechanism. Remote shows some signs of use on the edges but some artistic use of the Sharpie should improve its cosmetic outlook. No problem on its functionality. Display on the transport overall works fine. Some of the display bars towards the left of the readout may take a while to warm up for the display bar to light up. I would recommend changing the display panel if you want it perfect but as it is now, readout is bright and clear. Its only when the display need to show double digits then one or two bars are absent.

So depending on the type of DAC to be used to pair with the CD turntable, this is one CD transport that you can appreciate both sonically and aesthetically. A real talking piece when left standing on its own and a long conversation piece when you listen music through it.