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As one of the longest running model under the Audio Physic range, the Virgo has stamped his footprint in the hifi scene as of of the best buy in mid-price speakers. In a three way setup, the Virgo has a 3/4″ aluminum dome tweeter, a 4″ paper mid-range and two 6″ paper reflex-loaded woofers. Frequency response is an impressive 34Hz to 21KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 90dB. The speakers stand 41″ tall, 6.5″ wide and 16″ deep. When properly positioned and with a good amp driving them, these speakers will easily fill a small or medium size room with its large scale soundstage. The mids and highs are a beauty to listen to. Rich, sweet and smooth and with its twin 6″ woofer kicking in the bass, the Virgo is a full range powerhouse.

Cosmetically, the speakers looks nice. Some scuff marks, knicks here and there and a minor paint scrape on the top left rear corner on one speaker detracts its otherwise presentable appearance. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack them for safe shipping. They will be shipped in two boxes.