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If you have a speaker budget of $2,500, the Scorpio you see here from Audio Physic will obliterate all or many of the competitions out there. It is by far, one of the more elegant looking and extremely well built speaker in the sub-$2,500 price tag now. When they were launched, their $6,500 price tag was very reasonable for their built and finish and their take on music reproduction. Each speaker has seven drivers in them – one 1″ soft dome tweeter, two 6″ paper mids and four 7″ paper woofers. Frequency range was an excellent 30 Hz to 33 KHz with a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 91 dB. Dimensionally, they are 43″ tall with a narrow 8″ width and a 15″ depth. The speakers love current so driving them with more power is definitely the direction to go. We drove them with 200W and they were incredible. They do love some space around them so we had them about 3 feet away from the side walls, 2 feet off the rear wall and about 7 feet apart and slightly toed in. The Scorpio are velvetly smooth speakers. Mids were one of the warmest you can find in any speakers under $10,000 and the highs sweet and airy. Combined with their solid bottom end (not the boomy sort), they projected a holographic and steady image in their wide and deep soundstage.

Cosmetically, the speakers looks nice. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Previous owner used them without the grilles and couldn’t find them after the many years of speaker use without it. We have the original packaging and will securely pack them for safe shipping. Due to their weight and size, the speakers will be strapped on a pallet and ship as freight.