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There is only a handful of hifi manufacturers that have transcended from making great hifi gears into making them as audio art pieces. And Audio Note is one of the rare few that has that accolade. The Overture PM-2i you see here is their latest and only integrated amp offered in their lineup. If getting a pre/power from them raises your eyebrows when you see the total price on the invoice, then the Overture PM-2i may be your ticket to be part of the elite few that have made Audio Note as their mainstay component. The PM-2i has evolved tremendously over the original Overture. With a newer circuit design, newly designed output transformer, improved power supply and using their newer Kondo silver foil caps, the 32W from its four EL34 tubes are probably the best we have heard from any EL34 based amps. The level of detail and naturalness is simply jaw dropping. The backdrop is so quiet, so dark, you can probably hear a pin drop. The quality quotient is also raised with a generous use of copper on the circuit boards and the rear panel with beefy speaker binding posts that are one of the most luxurious ones we have seen on an amp. The internal layout is nothing short of a masterful artwork. Everything is perfectly designed and laid out. The input/ driver tubes are 2x 12BH7 and 2x 6072 tubes. We paired it a variety of speakers we have in the store and the Overture PM-2i never fails to bring the heightened level of musical bliss to each listening session. This is quite possibly the best sounding EL34 based integrated amp on the planet. Compared to some of their uber expensive pre/power combo, the Overture PM-2i isn’t too far off in terms of exhibiting the same sound traits as their six figure combo sibling.

Cosmetically, the unit looks excellent. We have the original box, manual and Audio Note’s Avocado AC cord that retails for $2,500 on its own.