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By far, one of the sweetest and most natural sounding DAC on the market. Don’t get caught up with the high oversampling rate sales pitch of the other DACs. This Audio Note will leave you breathless with its lucidity, finely captured detail and organic, almost analog sound. At a fraction of its flagship DAC 5, the DAC 4.1x is a leader in its own rights. Paired with a good transport and your system will move on to a whole new level. We have always been drawn to its ability to make music intimate and each time we tried on a new DAC, we can’t help but always compare it with the Audio Note. It is such a captivating DAC and in comparison with the likes of dCS and Esoteric, it held its own very well.

Overall condition of the unit is very good. Previous owner babied this unit and was part of a $200,000 audio system. We don’t have the original box but will pack this securely for safe shipping. The former owner said that this was upgraded to the Signature level but lost the paperwork for it so although internally it looks the case, we are just going to call it an upgraded DAC 4.1x. The Signature level DAC 4.1x is an $18,000 DAC!