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The CD2.1x may have been Audio Note’s entry level CD player but its performance is anything but entry level. As a one box unit, it has all the goodies that you would find in their two box CDT Zero transport and DAC Zero but at a lower price point. It uses the same 6111WA tube in the output stage and 18Bit/96KHz DAC with 1x Oversampling so in terms of price savings and doing away with “untidy” cable runs you would need to connect between the transport and DAC, the CD2.1x was our preferred choice. In the face of competition with the likes of Sony’s SCD-777ES or the SCD-XA9000ES, the CD2.1x came across as the slightly warmer, smoother sounding CD player. It does not have the same precise detail retrieval or neutrality or the battleship built quality of the Sony’s but it plays music and it plays it sweeter than the Sony’s. And also, it cost a lot more cheaper. The CD2.1x may be offered as an entry level CD player but it sounds more like a CD player from the upper levels of the mid-range category.

Overall condition of the unit is good. It may have some minor scuff marks/nicks from use and a bit of wear on the wordings on the remote but everything works perfectly. A new laser assembly was just installed with barely 2-3 hours of use since then. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.