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This is another stunner of a cable in the under $200 category. We were thrilled with the Horizon 2 from Dynamique Audio and the Studio Prestige you see here continues our excitement in this category of cables. The level of performance that some of these manufacturers have been offering is really putting a lot of pressure on the mid-range cables because some of them, like the Studio Prestige here, easily rivaled some of our usual mid-range cable (like Nordost and Kimber) that we use in our system. The Studio Prestige has incredible resolution and transparency and in some music tracks, offered a slight edge over the Horizon 2. It is a bit more expensive, meter for meter, but with a Tellurium Copper RCA plug that is gold plated and proprietary conductors used in the cable, we place this as one of the best buy in this category.

Cosmetically, the cable looks great with minor scuff marks from use. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.