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If you have $400 (at MSRP), Audio Envy’s top of the line speaker cables, the NV-SP7 you see here, is an excellent choice for your budget. Its no ordinary speaker cables where a couple of OFC copper conductors are slap together into a cable. They actually have a patent pending on how their conductors have far more efficiency than other more conventional speaker cables. The resulting sound from their cables is a faster, smoother and more transaprent presentation. Their is less harshness on the edges and is as good as the components that go on the ends of the cable. We tried them with speaker cables costing five times as much and can’t discern any noticeable difference. Kudos to Audio Envy on the design of these cables! Cables are a bi-wired pair that is 8 feet long and terminated with spades.

Cosmetically, the cable looks great with minor scuff marks from use. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.