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We have all seen Audio Alchemy’s digital components become audio smash hits but the OMS-150 you see here was their other stellar product that stayed off the limelight. Its rated to produce 150W per channel which will drive most but the most power hungry speakers. The first 20W (before it crosses over to class AB when more power is demanded) is Class A so if you have very efficient speakers, you would probably be driving the amps mainly in its Class A mode so it does get pretty warm in some applications. It was a warm overtone with smooth highs, nice transparent sound and a thundering bass. If you google for reviews and feedback on the amp, you will notice how many users would comment that it has a warm tube-like sound. Offered as a mid-fi amp, the OMS-150 does not sound anything like the more usual mid-fi amps. This unit is the more “common” model with the single separate power supply. There was a more “upmarket” offering where it is offered with dual power supply at a slightly more premium price tag but those are extremely hard to come by. So for the money and how rare this amp comes by, at under $600 now, this is an audiophile bargain. And it is made in the USA!

Cosmetically, the unit look good. Minor scuff marks and light scratches here and there and a bit of wear around the top left corner of the power supply unit. Nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them for safe shipping.