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This is our “reference” preamp in the under $1,000 category. It was very affordable, simplistically laid out, remote controllable and actually sounded really good. So good it made it into Stereophile’s Class C recommended components. It has 4 line inputs and 2 preouts which is very useful if you want to hook up two amps in a bi-amp configuration. Although it has an outboard power supply, it operates more like a passive preamp with an active volume control. Sound wise, it is pretty transparent sounding with a nice mid-range and detailed highs. It may not have the darkest background as compared to passive preamps from NVA or Channel Island Audio but it is “colored” in the “right way” which makes it a very entertaining preamp to use. The earlier Audio Alchemy products has achieve a kind of cult status and become somewhat “collectible” pieces amongst some audiophiles who appreciates their sound quality and ridiculously affordable prices. Take this DLC for example, metal chassis, metal remote and external power supply, all these for under $300 now. Add Made in the USA and this is an absolute steal.

We have the metal remote and external power supply and will securely pack it for safe arrival.