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The three piece set you see here was one of Audio Alchemy’s most “sophisticated” DAC combo. The Digital Decoding Engine 3.0 is the main “engine” in the setup with the DTI 2.0 as the jitter reducer. Both units are then powered by the Power Station Two which is a much larger power supply than the small wall wart power supply that originally came with the DDE and DTI. ¬†Collectively, they form quite the knock out combo for under $1,000. Compared to our resident sub-$1,000 DAC, the PS Audio DL3, the Audio Alchemy setup has a more refined sound. It is not as sharp sounding but shares the same level of detail retrieval. Background on the Audio Alchemy is darker though and that allowed a better degree of musical scale to come through. Technically, the DL3 has a more current 24 bit/ 192 KHz sampling rate but the Audio Alchemy has a separate and more powerful jitter reducer and a larger and separate power supply unit. Plus the DDE 3.0 can work as a digital preamp if you operate it with the same remote from the DLC preamp (not included) and it is HDCD compatible too. Audio Alchemy has a cult like following amongst audiophiles and this combo is one of the more desirable setup to collect.

Cosmetically, the units all look very good. Minor scuff marks and some minor wear on the lettering but nothing major. The two umbilical power cord and the main AC cord are included as with three BNC/RCA adapter. The two coaxial cables you see in the pictures are not included. We don’t have the original boxes but will securely pack them for safe shipping.