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This is a ridiculously priced $150 MSRP power amp that accepts two source input and offers two pairs of speaker out. The two pairs of input are auto sensing so if your preamp or a network audio player is turned on, the X75 would sense the incoming signal and turn itself on. The second line input, which is the secondary, will turn on when the primary (line one) becomes inactive. Power output is a healthy 60W in 8 ohm and 75W in 4 ohm. Unit can also be bridged into a monoblock amp for 160W. Sonically, the X75 sounds just as good as the NAD C245BEE amp (which retails for four times more than the X75!) that we just sold.

Overall condition of the unit is pretty good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Amp will be securely packed for safe shipping.