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The Audible Illusions Modulus 3 tube preamp may have set a new standard for its sound quality that few, if any, can match at the same price point. Except for this 3A. Totally re-designed, the 3A was such a huge improvement over the 3 that the original standard established by the 3 is now set even higher. The 3A has an amazingly liquid sound that many if its peers cannot replicate. It was almost pitch perfect with excellent stereo imaging and depth. It just needs a really good amp and a pair of speakers that will match its ruthlessly revealing nature. For Audible Illusion to come back with so much improvement and for under $1,000 more than the original $1,500 MSRP of the Modulus 3 is nothing short of a miracle.

Overall condition of the unit is pretty good. Minor scuff marks here and there and a slight corner ding on the rear of the power supply unit. This was a very well cared for unit. We have the original box and will be packed securely for safe arrival.