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This a phono preamp that is truly reserved for the super high end turntable and system. With a rechargeable battery setup inside and an auto calibration MC input, the Silver Rock phono preamp is the blackest sounding phono stage we have used so far. Imaging was eerily lifelike with an expansive soundstage that is both deep and well planted. This is a phono preamp that you will quickly realize that your cartridge, table, cables, preamp etc are either up to par with it or not. The Silver Rock demands nothing but the best out there. It was previously in a turntable setup that easily cost more than $80,000. And that was just the table, cartridge and the Silver Rock only…. Audio Consulting is like the creme de la creme of high end audio. Their high quality standards are unmatched except for a handful in the industry. All their gears are produced in 230V only. So for pieces that are sold here in the US, they are supplied with a premium quality step down converter (from Germany) to power up the battery chargers that charge up the battery pack inside the Silver Rock. Each channel has it own independent battery charger.

Overall condition of the unit is near mint with just minor signs of use. This has been a very well cared for unit. We have the original box and will be packed securely for safe arrival.