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Exotic passive preamps do not get any better than the Silver Rock Meteor AVC preamp you see here. This is where minimalism is taken to the extreme and where the parts used to make it means someone stooping over a work bench patiently spending 150 hours or more slowly coiling the autoformers. As a minimalist design, it only accepts one pair of input and offers one pair of outputs with with short signal paths between the RCA jacks to the volume attenuator and to the output jacks. There is no input switching or power on/off button. Just one ultra precision volume pot. This was previously paired to the MIPA Reference 120 stereo amp (which we have sale in a separate listing) where the combo cost nearly $90,000. The level of detail, transparency and imaging is so precise that every listening sessionis a mesmerizing experience. There are pre/power combos that cost more than $90,000 but after listening to the Audio Consulting pair, you can’t help wonder (or at least we did), why spend more when you can get a World Class reference sound for $90,000. And especially now when you don’t even need to pay anywhere near what its MSRP price tag was.

Overall condition of the unit is very nice with minor signs of use. They are extremely rare to find in the used market so don’t miss this opportunity to own one. Unit will be securely packed for safe arrival.