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When it comes to multi channel amplifiers, no one offers them at better values than ATI. The AT6012 you see here packs 12 channel or 6 zones with a power output of 60W per channel in 8 ohms or 90W per channel in 4 ohms. Feeding each channel is an independent power supply that gives each channel the consistent sound quality across all channels when all 12 channels are driven. Of course each channel is further enhanced by quality parts like double sided glass epoxy circuit boards, toroidal transformers etc that have been the hall marks of ATI amps. And all Made in USA!

With 12 channels come great flexibility. For example, you could bi-amped all five channels (if they are all bi-ampable) in your 5.1 system and still leave two more outputs for two subwoofers. The many configurations you could run off this amp is amazing. But one channel or twelve channels, you can’t deny the sound quality and power potential behind it (even though it is rated at a very conservative 60W). Which is why many home theater installers swear by ATI amps only.

Cosmetically, the amp looks good. Minor scuff marks/knicks here and there from use but nothing major. This is a hefty unit (75lbs unpacked) and local pickup is preferred. If shipping is required, unit will be securely packed with lots of foam padding to ensure safe arrival.