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This is an amp that will rival brands like Krell and Mark Levinson for much less money. Pack within its massive statue is 300W per channel in 8 ohms which increases to 450W in 4 ohms. The massive amount of power will drive any speakers and its audio signature is readily recognizable for its dynamic sound, authoritative bass and extended headroom. Amp is sturdily built to last with top notch parts and we have no doubt it will provide many years of first class music. Two massive toroidal transformers are mounted on the back of the front faceplate so take caution when lifting the amp (front rack handle was a great aid when lifting was required) as the bulk of the weight is on the front. 20 amp IEC inlet/ AC cord is evidence of the serious electrical current needed by this amp to produce its prodigious amount of power.

Cosmetically, the amp looks good. Minor scuff marks/scratches here and there from use but nothing major. This is a hefty unit (approx 80lbs unpacked) and local pickup is preferred. If shipping is required, unit will be securely packed with lots of foam padding to ensure safe arrival. Made in USA muscle!