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Here is another highly rated ATI multi channel amp that packs a whole bunch of wattage. In six channel mode, it pumps out 150W per channel but when you bridge the six channels into three, it gets a big shot of adrenaline and pumps out 450W per channel into the three channels! Home Theater Magazine gave this amp a 5 out of 5 stars and in our listening sessions, rivaled amps from Krell and Mark Levinson with one big distinction – cost of ownership. At its original $2,000 MSRP, this was like the bargain of the century but under $800 now, you can’t find a better deal out there for the same money. Plus, this ATI is designed and manufactured in the USA so we all know it is made with the highest quality and standards.

Cosmetically, the amp looks good. Minor scuff marks/scratches here and there from use but nothing major. This is a hefty unit (approx 90lbs unpacked) and local pickup is preferred. If shipping is required, unit will be securely packed with lots of foam padding to ensure safe arrival.