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The ATI 2505 is a massive power amp – both physically and in terms of power output. Each of its five channel is capable of producing 250W in 8 ohms or 375W in 4 ohms. The quality of its power is audible. Compared to the Classe CAV-150 (that we also have for sale), the ATI has a more weighty bottom end and thicker mid-range. When pushed to louder volumes, the ATI pulls away this distinction and becomes a class on its own. Movies (especially action movies) have a robust, power impact sound. No wonder ATI amps have been the stalwarts of many high end home theater systems. It even gave our recently sold McIntosh MC207 a good run for its money. The amp draws a lot of current to produce the immense power. It uses a 20amp AC cord (included). So make you it is plugged into a dedicated outlet on its own. Amp is 17″ wide, 18″ deep and almost 9″ tall and weighs around 107lbs.

Cosmetically, the amp looks good. Minor scuff marks here and there and a few small knicks on the edges and faceplate. Very common when a unit is stored inside an in-wall rack. The unit was recently checked out and parts that have less than factory spec values were replaced. Now its operating like new. This is a hefty unit and local pickup is preferred. If shipping is required, unit will be securely packed with lots of foam padding to ensure safe arrival. We have a brand new original box for it.