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This is probably the best example of Danish high end audio cables. The Serenity Master Reference is a top rated interconnect cable that is almost 80% as good as our Schnerzinger 10000 interconnect cables that cost three times as much. Lots of details, authority in the mids and bass and a velvet like smoothness in music delivery. When we put them between our Burmester CD player and our ASR Emitter II Exclusive amplifier, the soundstage immediately took a firm center stage with a clearly defined image. These cables are heavy and in our setup with the ASR sitting close to the floor, the pressure on the RCA terminations were reduced considerably. If you plan to use their on components sitting in a rack, ideally, try using cable ties to secure them to an anchor point on the shelves to release some of the weight of the contact points. Conductors are pure silver.

Cosmetically, the cable is in good condition. Some scuff marks/scratches around the branding “cans” and a bit of discoloration on the fabric weave but nothing major. Original wooden box is included.