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For under $800 now, this is a serious multi-format machine for the money. The Solo Movie 5.1 is where Arcam basically built on the excellent video/audio quality of the DV137 player by adding amplification into it. With that, you get a “one box” solution to a top notch audio and video playback system. So if you are looking to get the best bang for the buck in a one box system, this is it. In its DVD playback mode, it will upscale to 720p/1080i through its HDMI output. With music, you can put in a SACD, CD, DVD-A and CD-Rs. All of which will project a nicely warm, sweet Arcam sound. Power output is a healthy 50W per channel which may not sound a lot to some but remember, this is a unit designed for the small/medium size room where space is a constraint for a rack of separates. Plus, this is for the user who wants a lifestyle unit that actually sound great and more audiophile than the usual “boombox”.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good. A few minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original remote and the unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.