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The Arcam Solo Mini is an integrated unit that combines the functions of a CD player and amplifier into one neat little package. Its goal was to provide high fidelity sound for the audiophile who either don’t have the real estate for a full blown multi component system or the audiophile who just wants to enjoy great sounding music in a fashionable and simple package. As a unit that is barely larger than a showbox, the Solo Mini does meet the many “fashionable” requirements but also the musical demand for a good sounding amplifier and CD player. It has 25W of power output which was more than adequate to drive most speakers but the most current hungry and inefficient speakers. If more power is needed, you could just hook up an amp though its preout. Front USB outlet allows you to connect your MP3 player or other devices that are USB friendly. Musically, the Solo Mini is a pretty good sounding unit. Their Muso speaker is an ideal pairing but we had very good results with speakers from Mission, KEF amongst others.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good. A few minor scuff marks from being used as a demo but nothing major. Even the plastic protective film on the display is still partially intact. We have the original remote but not the original box or manual (available online).