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The Arcam Logo is the subwoofer component piece in an all Arcam music system that comprises the Solo music system and Muso mini-monitor speakers. The Muso being that it is small, has limited bottom end which is where the Logo comes in. The all Arcam music system can be setup as a 2.1, if you get the Solo Music system or 3.1 or 5.1 if you get the Solo Movie system. The Logo is a very “polite” subwoofer. No brashness here from its 10″ woofer, 200W Class D amplification and a frequency range of 35 – 160 Hz. We listened to it in a 2.1 setup with a pair of Muso and they were able to reproduce a very realistic soundstage with good imaging and depth. This 2.1 setup would have retailed for $1,600 and for that money, its a pretty good deal. Not the best but still one of the better ones if you want to avoid seeing larger speaker boxes in your room and don’t want to compromise on the sound quality.

This was a lightly used demo piece and looks really good. We have the other Arcam pieces described above for sale too in our other listings if you are looking to put together a full Arcam setup. Original box and manual included. Unit is universal voltage (100-240V) so it can be used anywhere in the World!