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This is a very musical CD player for the money. Its original $2,000 MSRP is a bit on the high side when you factor in built quality but is quite on par with players of the same sonic quality. Compared with players in the same price bracket like Sony’s SCD-777ES, the Arcam doesn’t have the same battleship built as the Sony but has a more palatable sound. It was smoother, less edgy and more balance across the frequencies than the Sony. Soundstage was well placed and holographic (especially when listening to vocals) with a velvety tonal quality. The Arcam may not be SACD capable but it is HDCD compatible. This was a Stereophile Class B recommended CD player.

This unit has been very well kept. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. The display is a bit dark on one of the character space (not the entire display) and it only “shows” when the minutes read more than 9:59 (like 10:oo where the 1 is slightly darker). We don’t have the original box or manual (available online) but have the remote.