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The FMJ AV9 AV processor/preamp was designed as the reference control center for a top notch home theater system. Its $5,750 price tag was certainly “up there” in terms of being the premier component but since then, cost of technology has come down tremendously and the AV9 at under $800 is most certainly a bargain now. It has most of the latest home theater processing software and with five HDMI inputs, is fully flexible with a wide array of components and any size of system that you may plan to build around it. The good thing about the AV9 or the Arcam brand for that matter, is that the company never forgot its two channel roots and the AV9 does a wonderful job as a two channel stereo preamp. It would easily rival any dedicated two channel preamps costing up to $1,500 for its smooth musicality and transparency.

This unit is in good shape with just minor scuff marks here and there from use. Original remote is included (has some minor case discoloration on the back) and unit will be securely packed for safe shipping. Manual is available online.