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When it comes to integrated amps, Arcam is one of the safest brand to purchase an integrated amp from. The A65 you see here is the “Plus” version which cost a measly $100 more than the regular A65 but with much improved circuitry (uses more premium parts inside now) in the output and input stages. The improvements allow the A65 Plus to sound slightly more dynamic, open with a wider soundstage. Power output is a conservative 40W but with efficient and easy to drive speakers, the Arcam is more than sufficient. If you are on a budget to build a starter or mid-range audiophile system, the A65 Plus is an excellent piece to start your hifi journey. Build and finish like every other Arcam products is solid and made to last.

Cosmetically, there are some minor scratches here and there but unit still looks presentable. An Arcam learning remote is included and the unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.