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This was Aragon’s flagship amp. At 8 ohms, this beast will produce 200W per channel and in 4 ohms, it will put out 400W.┬áThe amp itself is pretty hefty 70+lbs and its massive heft is put to show when music starts flowing out from its speaker terminals – good solid bass, sure footed imaging, richly textured mids and smooth highs. One of the biggest difference between it and other amps around this price point is you hear its weight and authority. It grabs every musical note and projects it out with so much gusto. Even now, the 8008 moniker is still being used in their current lineup because the model number carried such a legacy over the years. This unit had the optional XLR input included so you now have the flexibility of using either XLR or RCA inputs.

Cosmetically, the amp looks fair. Some scratches and nicks around the amp but functionally, the amp is 100%. Our low asking price is a reflection of the cosmetic condition. Amp will be securely packed for safe shipping.