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This is the next best preamp in Antique Sound Labs lineup after the Flora model. The Flora costs $2,000 more and took a different approach to its preamp design from its earlier AQ designate models (like the AQ-2006DT model you see here).  The AQ-2006DT is a very simple affair tube based preamp. Designed with a whole host of tubes – 1x5AR4, 3x 12AX7, 2x12AU7 and 1x 6L6 , the AQ-2006DT offered a very decent sound for its modest $1,500 price tag. For tube rollers, this is a delightful piece to try out different tubes. Built and finish is price appropriate so if you want something that uses more premium materials and a more solid finish, you would need to look higher up in the price range, like the Flora and its $3,500 price tag. But if you choose sound above all else, this is a good preamp that brings the magical sound of tubes into your system without burning a hole in your wallet. Plus it has a pretty decent phono stage that is comparable to some of the standalone phono stages out there (like the Cambridge Audio DUO phono stage that we just sold) that can cost anywhere between $300 – $500. Two toggle switch on the rear allows for MM or MC and 1K and 100 ohm impedance selection.

Cosmetically, the unit is in good shape. Some minor scuff marks here and there and a small left corner ding but nothing major. Unit was recently serviced and bench tested back to original factory specs. We don’t have the original box, remote or tube cage but will securely pack this for safe shipping.